The use of excimer laser technology in refractive surgery starts in 1986 – with Zeiss. The MEL® 90 from Carl ZEISS, Germany carries that legacy forward. It is the next generation in excimer laser tech¬nology. MEL® 90 is not only one of the fastest ophthalmic excimer lasers in the world, but some of its newest features make refractive correction even safer and more predictable than ever before.

MEL 90 excimer laser is a flying spot Gaussian beam profile laser system and it has a high frequency eye tracker system.

In addition to being built on the proven performance MEL 90 has got variety of new features like FLEXIQUENCE, Triple-A & PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision software and the option for topography-guided treatment. Both of these are only available in the MEL 90 platform.
MEL 90 excimer excellence
Applied Flexibility
FLEXIQUENCE - A true novelty With a simple touch of finger the FLEXIQUENCE switch function gives a surgeon the freedom to choose between 250Hz and 500Hz repetition rates and double up the speed in a fraction of a second for maximum flexibility and preference. With its unique FLEXIQUENCE switch function and additional configuration options the MEL 90 is a true customized power package.

Ablations produced with the laser set to the 500-Hz repetition rate are applied directly to the cornea. As a result, refractive errors are corrected in a shorter operating time than those corrected with the 250-Hz repetition rate. This has the potential to reduce the laser’s influence on corneal stro¬mal dehydration, flap shrinking, and patient fixation fatigue.

Other technical advantages related to the FLEXIQUENCE switch function include an intelligent plume removal system for consistent atmospheric condi¬tions and, thus, predictable outcomes; a fast eye tracker with a short response time; an evacuated beam path, eliminating the need for flushing gas; and a fast and simple fluence test procedure.
Triple-A -Excellent precision, Predictable and Gentle

The MEL 90 also features the Triple-A (Advanced Ablation Algorithm). The latest algorithm from Carl Zeiss Meditec, is precise, maintains excellent asphericity control, and ablates even less tissue than the previous tissue-saving algorithms.

Combined, this makes LASIK treatments applicable to a larger number of patients with high myopia, especially, and patients with borderline corneal thicknesses in gen¬eral. It also makes it easier for surgeons, as they no longer have to decide between two ablation profiles.

Laser Blended Vision - The next level in eye care excellence

The MEL offers an advanced and true binocular laser correction method that far exceeds the limitations of conventional monovision.
PRES BYOND Laser Blended Vision is an individualized treatment approach, which creates a customized fusion of the two images for near and distance vision – the so-called “Blend Zone.” The method enables clear sight at all distances – near, far, even intermediate. This treatment approach is tolerated by a higher number of patients than conventional monovision. In many cases, patients can read without glasses the very same day.

It has a wide range of indications from -8.0 to +2.0 D.
Emmetropic as well as astigmatic presbyopic patients (up to 2.0 cyl) can also be treated.

Patients expectation precisely
Priority one, of course, is the satisfaction of our patients, which is largely dependent upon the safety and reliability of the treatment. The MEL® 90 combines high-quality elements and performance to help us optimally fulfill our customers’ requirements.

MEL 90 outcomes
The MEL 90 can be precisely tailored to the individual needs of the modern refractive surgical practice. Its preinstalled functions also offer surgeons optimal support for achieving excellent treatment results.

MEL 90 atmosphere
The unique, sensor-controlled CCA+ plume removal system supports optimal atmospheric conditions around the patient‘s eye – thereby also significantly improving the predictability of the results.

Safe eye tracking
The MEL 90 is equipped with an active eye tracker with an excellent response time to provide high-level treatment safety with very stable results.

High patient comfort
In combination, short treatments and seamless procedural flow help to enhance the patient experience. The comfortable patient supporting system ensures stress-free and stable positioning throughout the entire OR procedure.

MEL 90 time
When performing LASIK for myopia at 500 Hz, MEL 90 can intra-operatively ablate 1 diopter in as little as 1.3 seconds. Intuitive system guidance and speedy treatment planning allow for additional time savings.

Advanced system guidance
The systems‘ simple, intuitive graphic user interface supports fast treatment procedures. You can flexibly adjust the touch screen to wherever you need it and, thus, maintain a good ergonomic sitting posture throughout the operation.
Touch screen or keyboard control
For additional convenience, you can choose to make entries either per touch screen or keyboard.
MEL 90 Teamwork
Two workstations

Truly exceptional - as a true team player, the MEL 90 has a second, optional touch screen on the system, which greatly simplifies the interaction between the surgeon, assistant staff and system technology. When equipped with a second workstation, it can be configured to optimally complement the treatment routine of the OR team.

With the proven fluence test, laser calibration is very quick and easy.
The MEL 90 is a highly reliable system requiring very little service maintenance. The unique beam path evacuation eliminates the need for flushing gas.
Patient data transfer is very easy thanks to the seamless interaction between the MEL 90 and other refractive platforms from ZEISS – VisuMax® and CRS-Master®.