Laser vision correction has never been more advanced, tissue-preserving and gentle like the VisuMax femtosecond Laser.

Defining new trends in modern corneal surgery:
The VisuMax from Carl ZEISS, Germany is the first femtosecond laser system to perform the minimally invasive, flapless ReLEx SMILE, which has impressed both the patients and the physicians alike with its sophisticated performance around the globe. This 3rd generation of laser vision correction is redefining refractive surgery as we know it.

Truly innovative and extremely fast:
The VisuMax is a truly innovative and extremely fast femtosecond laser system, operating at 500 kHz. This enables surgeon to use lower energy settings while delivering more laser pulses. With its perfectly coordinated components, it is well designed to support maximum cutting precision, efficiency, predictability and comfort for the most advanced corneal surgery applications.

The building blocks of state-of-the-art femtosecond technology

For a new flapless treatment

ReLEx SMILE is performed only on the VisuMax, a groundbreaking femtosecond laser system that is significantly reshaping the world of refractive surgery.

Incorporating superior ZEISS technology, it ensures excellent reproducibility and predictability, even with severe corrections.
A new level of Femto-LASIK workflow efficiency

• This VisuMax delivers a very smooth flaps that surgeon can lift easily without creating trauma to the eye.

• VisuMax laser features a curved corneal interface that requires less suction for greater patient comfort.
Maximum cutting precision
High-precision ZEISS optics provide an extremely focused laser beam. The result: Minimum laser pulse energy at a high pulse frequency for unsurpassed incision control – at precisely the desired depth of the cornea, with three-dimensional, curved incisions.
Brilliant Visual Control
The integrated high-quality ZEISS surgical microscope ensures precise and complete visual control during every manual surgical manipulation. It includes a digital video camera for recording surgical procedures right on the spot.
A smart unit
The sturdy, ergonomic pivoting patient supporting system is designed to provide maximum comfort during the treatment. It continuously monitors the patient’s position, automatically making needed adjustments. ZEISS VisuMax also incorporates an easy-to-use, interactive touchscreen and intuitive software to assist the surgeon at every step throughout the procedure.

User-oriented intuition With its easy-to-use, interactive touchscreen and intuitive software, the ZEISS VisuMax supports surgeons at every step throughout the procedure.
Efficiency that pays off
With a pulse frequency of 500 kHz, the ZEISS VisuMax enables short treatment times, making procedures more comfortable for both physicians and patients. The result is an efficient workflow and a higher throughput of satisfied patients.

The innovative & gentle corneal interface concept
A contact glass designed for the cornea
  • Robust interface with the cornea to eliminate motion artefacts
  • Precise treatment positioning
  • Low suction pressure
  • Suction is only applied during actual laser procedure
  • Fully device integrated suction system
  • Close loop force sensing and automated adjustment during therapy
  • Minimal IOP increase
  • No vision loss during suction
  • Automatic centration of therapy position
  • Maximising patient comfort

High pulse repetition rate for
  • Short procedure time
  • Easy flap lift / tissue separation
  • Extended 3D shapes

Low and very stable laser energy for
  • Excellent cut quality
  • No adverse side effects (DLK,TLS)

Accurate focussing / small spot for
  • Well defined incisions
  • Flaps & FLEx

Pivotable Patient bed – Optimum workflows for greater comfort

The shared use of the pivotable patient bed by the VisuMax and the MEL 90 saves the patient from having to move from one treatment location to another. The patient experiences the surgery as an integrated process. Unnecessary waiting periods are minimized and treatment efficiency increased.

High patient comfort

• Easy entry
• Automatic adjustment
• Adjustable headrest
• Flexible joystick position