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Only Center in the country offers the advanced vision correction modalities

Lasik Sight Center has now become a popular name for Refractive Laser Vision Correction in Bangladesh. We are doing refractive laser treatments for the last 12 years and we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the advanced technology and innovations in Laser vision correction.

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    No glasses, No contacts,The safe and easy way


    Dr.Rashidul Hyder

    DO (London), M.R.C.Ophth (London)
    Consultant Eye & Lasik Surgeon

    Dr. Syed A.Hassan

    MBBS, D.O (D.U), FCAS (India),FICO (Japan)
    Consultant, Cornea, Lasik & Phaco Surgery.

    Professor Zafar Khaled

    Consultant, Phaco and Lasik Surgery.

    Dr. Harun Ur Rashid

    Consultant, Phaco ,Lasik & Glaucoma Surgery



    • Laser vision correction has brought a dramatic change in my life which is beyond my expectation. Undoubtedly it is a great contribution of science, a blessing for mankind. I was in hesitation what should I do as some of my relatives objected and advised not to go under Laser surgery. Finally I took decision and it was successful. Hope and wish many like me might get benefit through Laser vision correctionunder the care and management of Lasik Sight Center.
    • I always used to hate the idea of using spectacles, but still I had to live with them for 7 years. Many people advised me to do the surgery from UK, since I stay there now. But I always wanted to get the surgery done from Bangladesh because I believe that the available technology in our country is as good as any other country. Now after Laser vision correction, I do not have anything to regret in life. This was the best decision of my life. My sincere thanks to LASIK SIGHT CENTER for giving me a new reason to enjoy my life to the fullest  
      Farhana Sadeque
    • Amazing! That’s what the world is. Lasik Sight Center has done a wonderful job and I am very pleased with my new eyes. No more glasses. I was a bit worried as foreign patient to have the eye surgery here in Dhaka but my surgeon had ensured me and completed the whole process successfully. Big thanks to my doctor and Lasik Sight Center.
      Deli Dinh – Indonesian Citizen
    • Dear doctor and team! Thank you so much for changing my life. I am delighted with the result of my Laser surgery. You are running a wonderful clinic in Dhaka – you should be very proud. I have recommended you to all my friends.
      Sally Marsham- UK Citizen
    • Lasik is a magic, it’s true, what magic it has? Does it only help to throw away the spectacles or even lenses? Does it only help to cure eye sight problem? We do believe that of course not. Lasik is a change of life, Lasik is a confidence. Lasik basically provides the stamina to the people to move forward and to do the better things for the family and friends and for the society.
      Taufica Erfan- News Presenter