1Is Laser Vision Correction right for everyone?
Only an eye care professional can determine whether or not an individual is eligible for Laser Vision Correction. In general, a good candidate is at least 18 years old, has healthy corneas, and has maintained a stable eye prescription for the last six months. And also a final verdict can be given after Pre-surgical tests by your LASIK Surgeon.
2When can I return to my normal activities?
Every healing process is different. In most cases, visual acuity is very good one or two days after the operation, and stabilizes within one week.

You will be able to drive and participate in sports without glasses or contact lenses after one month following treatment.
3Is Femto-LASIK painful ?
No, the procedure is painless.
No vision loss during suction.
Suction is only applied during actual laser procedure
Minimum discomfort for the patient

However, immediately after the Femto-LASIK you may feel itching and tearing and these will subside after couple of hours sleep. Patient obtains a dramatic vision on the next day after wake up from bed.
4Is LASIK painful ?
No, the procedure is painless. However, you may feel a little pressure during the process of making a flap with the microkeratome.
5How long the procedures take?
The VisuMax Femtosecond is extremely fast; operating at 500 KHz and to create flap with a femtosecond laser will take no more that 20 seconds. Meanwhile, the creation of flap with a microkeratome will take around 40 seconds. The rest of the procedures for power correction with the excimer laser will take around 15 to 30 seconds. The entire procedure takes around 3-5 minutes per eye.
6How long must people wait to resume normal activities after LASIK ?
In most cases people can return to work within 1-3 days following Femto Lasik or Conventional LASIK surgery.

Recovery time:
2 to 3 days

Follow up time
Roughly up to a month. May be more or less.

Time in Hospital:
No need to stay in the hospital. You leave half an hour after operation.

Success Rate:
In our center the surgery is performed by the senior eye surgeons of the country using the best machine of the world and we can confidently say that our success is 99% and all the patients are happy. Most of our patients are coming with the reference of our patients who had already gone under surgery.
7What happens if power changes in future?
Re-treatment can be done, if needed at all.

Side effects of Lasik:
Complication and side effects are very rare following LASIK surgery, but cannot be completely ruled out. Occasionally one in 10,000 may develop infection. But it can be easily treated with eye drops. Your eye doctor will discuss these with you.
8Is it a cure for whole life?
9Will a person’s vision remain stable long after the procedure ?
The vision correction is permanent. Excimer Laser vision correction have been prevalent in many countries around the world since 1980. Many clinical studies have investigated the long term effects of excimer laser on the eye and have concluded that there is no long term effect on the integrity of the eye.
10How safe is Laser Vision Correction and what are the risks?
Laser Vision Correction is an extremely safe and accurate procedure. Less than 1% of patients who have received Laser Vision Correction to date have experienced some mentionable problems. There are no known cases of blindness resulting from Laser Vision Correction.

95% of all Laser Vision Correction patients are straightaway extremely happy with their vision. But a small number of people may take a little longer time for complete healing; few may have infection though the chance is extremely remote as antibiotic drops are used from the beginning. Although no one knows the exact number of complications, studies suggest that the incidence of minor difficulties such as temporary dry eyes and night time glare is around 3% to 5% from combined LASIK and PRK procedures. Some other minor complications include ——–halos, dry eyes.

Results may be a little up or down for some people. In that case a second procedure, if needed at all, that can be done after a few months but again that is free of charge. Overall the patient is always happy.

One thing must be remembered nobody can get blind with this procedure which is the core question of all prospective patients