MONOVISION LASIK may be a good option for people over 40 considering Laser Vision Correction.

What is Presbyopia
After the age of forty, we all will begin to lose the ability to accommodate or focus the lens of our eye. This is a universal phenomenon and not caused by any disease or illness. People may find that even they can see well at distance, they now require glasses to read at near. This problem is called Presbyopia and is usually corrected with bifocals or glasses with two focal lengths, one for near and one for distance.

What is Monovision Lasik
These days, people above 40 are increasingly opting for laser surgery that compensates for near vision or presbyopia, by correcting one eye for distance and the other for near vision which is known as monovision correction, the surgery is an excellent option for some patient.

How Monovision Lasik works
Lasik can correct only one power in an eye unlike bifocal lens in glasses. Monovision option involves correcting the dominant eye for distance clarity and non-dominant for near. The advantage of monovision is that you will not require reading glasses for most near tasks. People who are curious may be given the opportunity to simulate monovision with lenses on trial frame or trial contact lenses to determine if it will be a suitable option for you.
Apparently it may seem that patient may have difficulty with adjustment of two eyes with different powers, but it is amazing how soon they get used to that and they are extremely happy patient by getting rid of their glasses.

Monovision is an effective option
Laser eye surgery is a safe and effective option for many people in their 40s, 50s and 60s. This group of people should discuss their occupation, hobbies and other lifestyle issues with their Lasik surgeon to help determine if the possibility of monovision is right for them or not.

Monovision is reversible
The good thing about monovision is that patients can try it and if they cannot adapt or do not like it they can come back for full correction and that is free of charge in our center. It means monovision Lasik is reversible.
If you are only 40 and around and need only reading glasses without any power for distance then it may not be a very good option for you just yet as your power will keep changing fast for next few years but still you can get rid of near glasses specially for social occasions with one contact lens in non-dominant eye instead of laser.